Enterprise Honors 久智光电子材料科技有限公司
Enterprise Honors

In 2005, “Project of High-Purity Quartz Material for Optical Fiber” was approved and listed as the National Torch Program.

In 2006, QGOE won the title of “Excellent S & T Innovative Enterprise” in Langfang city.

In 2007, QGOE was awarded the National High-Tech Industrialization Demonstration Project.

In 2008, our quartz jacket tube for optical fiber was awarded the Certificate of the National Key New Product by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST).

In 2010, QGOE obtained the “Project of Implementation of QES Integrated Management System and Enhancement of Enterprise Management Level” which was recommended by the Langfang Customs Registration Company which is responsible for enterprises which processes and produces goods for foreign company. The Project was awarded the 2nd prize of Beijing Municipal Management Innovation. 

In 2011, QGOEwas awarded the  Langfang science award certificate

In 2013, QGOE was awarded an"Innovative Enterprise"certificate by theScience and Technology Agency of Hebei Province.

In July 2015, QGOE’s development project “the high-purity quartz materials for semiconductor &solar energyapplication”won the second prize of Langfangcity science and technology progress.

In July 2015, QGOE won the invention patent certificate of "the preparation method of a low hydroxyl solid quartz ingot".

In July 2015, QGOE won the level 2 certificate of Hebeiprovincialmilitary system safety standardization.

In October 2015,QGOE’s project of  large-size quartz cylincerfor optical fiber preform application  was awarded the Hebeiprovincial science and technology achievement prize.

In December 2015, QGOE ’s project “high strength compositenewquartz materialwith UV cutoff function” won the third prize of the national defense science and technology progress prize.

In March 2016, QGOE won the invention patent certificate of "the preparation method of asolid quartz ingot with low hydroxyl and large diameter and length”.

In October 2017,QGOE obtained the patent certificate of "an automatic turning device for a material drum ".

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