Salary & Welfare 久智光电子材料科技有限公司
Salary & Welfare

◆ The salary project

Base pay, bonus, allowance

◆ The contents of welfare

Insurance: the company for every formal employment and with the social insurance bureau of Langfang insurance requirements

Employee pension, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance. The company

The official staff pay the housing accumulation fund.

Holiday: statutory holidays, marriage, maternity, paternity leave, funeral leave lineal relatives,

The industrial injury leave, annual leave and other holidays.

Working meal: the company provides free job food

Accommodation: the company to add in, night shift staff to provide accommodation

Physical examination: employee when entering duty physical examination every year, unified organization on the staff of a medical examination.

Bus : the company is in Beijing city residence staff, work on a fixed shuttle car.

 Traffic subsidy: the company   provides traffic subsidies for each employee.
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